Christmas Teddy Bear Transfer Sheet

Christmas Teddy Bear Lollipops Transfer Sheet

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Use chocolate Transfer Sheet to create wonderful lollipop. Transfer Sheet are easy to use and they will give a finer look to your lollipops. Our chocolate transfer sheets are made with pure cocoa butter. We use thin acetate plastic film on which we print edible coloring designs made from cocoa butter and FDA-approved food coloring. Our transfer sheets are made manually in an artisan way. We have developed our own printing method which resulted in very precise printed designs and denser colors.

  • 2 color process: red and white.
  • Lollipos dimensions: Ø 50 x h 6 mm (Ø 2" x h 0,2").
  • Sheet dimensions: 275 x 135 mm (14,4" x 5,3").
  • Sold in a package of 24 sheets.
  • Storage conditions: Store in a cool, dry and dark place.
How to use:
  • This transfer is to be used with Chocolate Magnet Round Lollipops Mould PDR9020.
  • Place the transfer sheet with the design up in your magnet mould.
  • Spread the melted chocolate over the mould by making sure that the cavities are filled approprately.
  • Hit the mould or place it on a vibrating table to extract the air bubbles from the chocolate .
  • Smooth out the mould with a to remove the excess of chocolate.
  • Let the chocolate on the transfer cool down until it hardens (24 hours at room temperature OR 20 minutes in refrigerator) and unmould the lollipop.

  • Transfer Sheet can also be used to print on fondant; contact us for more information on this technique.

    Transfer Sheet should be used only with couverture chocolate (dark, milk or white). Final result is not guaranteed if used with compound chocolate.

    This product is temperature sensitive and can be damaged during high temperature season if not stored and/or manipulated properly.

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